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Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]

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Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]

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Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]

For 4-chan, RNG story 13-Arachnophobia

Spiders have always scared the shit out of me. I can't explain why, really, all I know is that the fear is there, peering around every corner with eight, sharp, hungry eyes. Sometimes at night I feel them crawling on me, try to sneak their fangs into my skin. Then I wake up and realize that they are not there. I know they are somewhere in my room, though; they're probably hiding within the myriad of papers stacked on our desk. Sometimes, when I'm half asleep and playing a game on the computer, I see something sneaking out of the corner of my eye. Paranoia? Probably, but,still, the fear is there all the same. They say that you're never more than two feet from a spider at all times. So, they're there, waiting for me to drop my guard, waiting for me to sleep so they can invade my dreams. So, here I am, sitting at the computer looking at the clock; it says it is three in the morning. I'm not too terribly surprised, honestly, but I don't want to sleep, because when I do, I'll feel their hairy legs brush against my body, their fangs hovering inches above my face, and their eyes glaring into mine, practically seeing the fear that they perceive. I'm terrified. Looks like another night without sleep. I keep seeing something, though, something that I'd rather not see: a spider sneaking down a strand of my hair.

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]

“Burn the sky down!”

It remembered the sky. It remembered how the sun never fully rose nor set, how the stars always shown through the shade of the sky. It missed it. The Rune Phoenix had seen many things: entire nations collide and fall and from the ashes a tree or luscious greenery would unfurl. It had thought that the race’s greed and strife would never reach its lands, but yet here it was, buried underneath the earth, long since forgotten. Now the sky was blindingly white with rainbow interspersed throughout with every flick of its wings. It hated them all: the humans, tide born, elves, and the untamed; all were capable of such ferocity and destruction.

In a way, it was somewhat ironic: it wanted to be free and forgotten, but instead all it got was to be captured underground, forgotten, and no longer able to see the sky. So, if it couldn't see the sky, it wouldn't exist anymore.

"Burn the sky down"

A swipe of a talon and a fuzzy paw fell to earth with a dull, meaty, thud. A peck of its beak dislodged an eye from some unlucky cleric's socket. Chew, chew, crunch, crunch, the assassin's bones were so crunchy and had a nice bit of marrow between its bones. The Blade Master's skin sizzled underneath the armor and put forth the delightful aroma of burned flesh. They all lay at its feet, blood tainting the snow and turning it pink before crystallizing and weaving into the snowy ground.

Now they were forgotten, too. Until the next group came and the next one, and the next one, and the one after that one, too. It was a Phoenix, after all, and Phoenixes always rose from their ashes, the mortal races did not.


It longed for a sky no longer coated with snow and blood. All it wanted was to burn the sky down, melt through the ice, and rise into the sky that was truly its own: the sky perpetually painted with every color of the spectrum. It wanted freedom and it was going to fight its way to the heavens, one or the other.


"Burn the sky down"-FIN

It wasn't unusual to feel bad about taking another life, in fact, it was quite normal to feel remorse. However, sometimes the line between normal and abnormal are blurred, smudged, and marred. He didn't feel "remorse", he didn't understand the concept of "being kind" or "doing the right thing." It swung its spear and things died. That's all there was to it. He figured that there was nothing more to life until he met his "friends", well, as close to "friend" as one could get. They were in the same boat: they were all trapped in a perpetual limbo, they were always being pursued by "well meaning" and "wholesome" "warriors. He was sick of it and he was quite sure they were sick of it, too.

Nob was bored and started to spar with Pole.
"What the hell is up with the titles these idiots give us? I mean, who comes up with "Damned Gaurnob" or "Cenneuques Polearm"? We're us, damn it!"
Nob narrowly missed the weapon Nob swung at him and leaped backwards.
"Hey, I'd appreciate you NOT trying to give me new piercings; I've had far too many to count and.." Nob looked around before continuing "in places I'd much rather not talk about...."
"Oh, come on, man! Surely you know what I'm talking about?!"
"...Um, no?"
Nob looked down and looked back up at Pole.
"...Huh? OH! OOOOOOH! Oh my god, what the hell?"
"Yeah, so..."
Nob looked ashamed.
"It hurt."
Pole was, understandably, sympathetic.

"That must've been rough..."
Nob looked back up, his stony face turned down into a pout.
"You have no idea..."
"LOOK! It's our bounty..."
Pole and Nob looked at each other and shrugged. They saw a yellow, fat, man rushing towards them, pure malice in its eyes.
"Oh well, we shall have pork tonight."

The whole damn world sweat dropped.

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Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Apathy: Epilogue- Beautiful Plains

Apathy: Epilogue- Beautiful Plains )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Apathy: Chapter Eleven-End Game

Apathy:Chapter Eleven- End Game )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Apathy: Chapter Ten- Too Many Faces

Apathy: Chapter Ten-Too Many Faces )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Apathy: Chapter Nine-Judas

Apathy:Chapter Nine-Judas )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Apathy: Chapter Eight-Never More

Apathy: Chapter Eight- Never More )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]

Apathy:Chapter Seven: Only This, and Nothing More )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Apathy: Chapter Six: Eternal Bliss, Finite Sorrow

Apathy: Chapter Six-Eternal Bliss, Finite Sorrow )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Apathy: Chapter Five: When the Blind Man Discovers That He is Blind

Apathy: Chapter Five-When the Blind Man Discovers That He is Blind.. )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Chapter Four- Venomous Retribution

Apathy Chapter Four: Venomous Retribution )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Apathy: Chapter Three-Absēns Anima

Apathy Chapter Three-Absēns Anima )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Apathy: Chapter Two-Simper Fidelis

Apathy: Chapter Two-Simper Fidelis )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Apathy: Chapter One- Thoughts

Apathy: Chapter One-Thoughts )

Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]
Apathy: Introduction

This really isn't a short story, so grab some pop corn or what ever. As always, the story will be divided into chapters for easier reading. In addition to this, you will probably notice that some of my paragraphs are a bit lengthy and for that I apologize; I simply could not end the paragraph sufficiently without ruining the flow of the dialog. You may also notice some discrepancies and, again, I must apologize; when I started to write, it came out in a rush so.

This story is Rated M for Mature due its graphic nature, language, and sexual content, so if you don't want to read that kind of thing, just look away. XD So, with the introduction out of the way, let's start up the story.

It takes place whilst the team is still on the run, so it will contain spoilers as well. I assume that everyone has played through it and beat it, though. So, have fun! See you at the end.

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Short Perfect World Story.

It was all gone. Everything. The emerald grass I used to roll around was nothing more than a charred, flattened, field. Trees, which used to be draped with moss and vibrant, green, leaves, were now nothing but glowing ember and the decayed flesh of the leaves. The wraith were crafty creatures and they held more sway than any of us knew. I thought that we all were striving to piece Perfect World together, not tear it apart as we currently are doing.They were sneaky, sneaky, bastards; one whisper transformed into a roar, Duke's gossiping soon darkened, he no longer spoke about the exploits and accomplishments of the masses, but rather about what could happen if we were to let our guard down. He shouted things like: "The wraith are forcing the words out of mouth, they are strangling me until all I can manage is a blood choked gargle, they are coming to get us." and "Let it be known that amongst the masses, humans are the cruelest of the bunch, watch out." We didn't think much of it until the humans launched an attack against the other major non-human cities. Ours was the first to fall. We fought them the best we could, and we fought a good fight, but the first of our kind they killed were the clerics. I remember unsheathing my emerald glowing sword and parrying away several of the attacks aimed at the more defenseless, younger, clerics. The archers took out a lot of the wizards, but they in turned were killed by the Blade Masters. The claimed one of my wings, so flying was out of the question. So, now I hobble and stumble, a bloody, jagged, bone where my wing used to be, in tow are the few survivors I could muster up. They couldn't heal my wing because healing involves mending something back together, not making something grow back.

City of the Lost fell shortly thereafter; of course, their fight was a hell of a lot fiercer than ours. The Blade Masters, from what I can gather, were being ripped to shreds by the paws of the untamed and the Venomancers were also giving them hell. Unfortunately, the wizards sizzled the Barbarians in their metal shells and the Blade Masters rend the Venomancers asunder. The cute little cubs were brutally murdered after their parent's defeat, greatening the tragedy even more.

Of course, City of the Raging Tides followed shortly after that. The assassins were over-whelmed the sheer brute of the Blade Masters as were the Psychics.

And so the battle raged. Humans once again were the most hated race in all of Perfect World.

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Darth Calliope's Creative Journal. [userpic]

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